A small shoe repair business that’s been in the industry since the early 1990’s

Opened up shop here in West Roxbury and serving this community since.


My name is Peter Bitsikas and I grew up in nearby Roslindade Massachusetts.

After high school I needed to get into a line of work that would interest me and

yet would peak my interest while I earned a living.


After trying various lines of work over the years that didn’t grab my attention I decided to

get into the shoe repair business and have been here ever since.

I’ve head steady customers from all over as I perfected my trade as a cobbler

which demanded other related services like repairing leather goods.


My skills have expanded to do repairs to suitcases, belts, handbags or just about

anything leather.

So here I am offering shoe repairs whether its to replace shoe heels, shoe soles and even

shoe shines to both men and women.


Everything is done on the premises with all the typical cobbler equipment needed to fullfill

my obligations as a professional cobbler.